Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What a happy day~

I just came back from friend's house after whole day of playing...
from Sentral to BBQ-ing...It's totally fun

10.30- I hop up my friend's car at TMGS.
11.00- Go round town to get things.
11.30- Reach Sentral and search for other friends.
11.45- Saw -ıм. Yingz 사랑 and Fmly Tang at cinema.
11.59- Waiting for 12.000 so we can buy it cheaper at Mcdonald's^^
12.00- Eat ar eat ar... total 9 sets for 9 people.. not bad,huh?
12.30- Walk around Sentral and wait to be fetched home.
1.00- 1st car come, then 2nd, then 3rd which was the last and I sat in it.
1.30- Go to Chuah Seong Chong house, gate cannot open. Nobody at home, No choice but to climb over, but clever Neoh Chin Sim opened the electronic gate. PRO!! SO we had no choice but to be day-dreaming there.
3.00- At last come back liao. So we play PSP,PS2, 2 Laptops, 1 Desktop. and even BB Gun war~xDD
3.00-7.30- We play and play. I played PSP(Dynasty Warriors 2), PS2(Dynasty Warriors 6 and Crisis Zone). We took turns.
7.30- At last, BBQ started. SO we played with the food, so damn happy!!!
8.45- Then only we finished eating.
9.00 onwards, starting to go back, but I played an interesting toy(A propeller with a blue bulb that shoots into the sky and come back, 1 went missing, 1 broke and 1 more spoiled)
10.00- Seong Chong's mother fetched me home.

Had a happy day~ Too bad for those who couldn't attend, It was free of charge too...^^

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