Thursday, September 9, 2010

{Part 4} Inside Seong Chong's house

When we went in Seong Chong's house, two of them took out their laptops and started playing Dota. Th rest of us was talking, wandering around and watching them play.

When Seong Chong's mum came back, she took out the PSP, PS2 and switch on the Desktop for us. So happy!!!^^

So I played the PS2 first, Dynasty Warriors 6. Then after a while, we played the game Crisis Zone. Then when nobody wanted to play the PSP, I played Dynasty Warriors 2, and my conclusion was: “貂蝉so geng, 大乔ok only。”

SO we played played played played until about when the BBQ was going to start(about 7.30), only we stopped and helped to prepare the things.

To be continued...

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