Sunday, September 18, 2011


How time flies,
Now its almost time to face the PMR,
16 days to go~
Haiz rearranged my books but then I don't know what to start with,
It's a mess~
To all those PMR candidates like me, be sure to give your very best shot

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Such a Happy Day!!!

I was so happy today...because
Xian Liang and Yu Hao(thank you very very much!!!)
The both of them let me play football and join their group...

The 2 goals were my fault... I am so so sorry...TT
Anyway, it was fun after all...^^
Love it so so much...

At first I was the Defender, then run here run there...
Kei Chian was replaced by Yu Hao after 2 goals, then the third goal...
Haiz, Neoh go and own-goal...><

But fun game after all!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Exam results...

Hi, I'm back...
It's so boring and it's 3.40 now..
I regret for not going to Sentral with my friend today...

My results are TT
dunwan to mention it anymore... Haiz
So now, I was thinking of finishing my homework...
and do some revision...


Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's coming to an end...

So... after 9 days of holidays,
there's only 1 day left
and everyone please appreciate it properly~xD

Anyway, during this holiday,
I feel very angry at myself,
I didn't do what I had aimed to do,
E.g. Study books, don't online 24 hours and bla bla bla...

So everyone please have a last happy holiday day for September...

Friday, September 10, 2010

What a Eating day~

Phew!!! My sister came back to Taiping last night,
so she took me out today to eat around town.

For lunch, we went and look for her:
1. Chee Cheong Fun(Closed)
2. Popiah(Closed)
3. Ngau Lam(Closed)
SO, we ended up eating at:
4. Prima(Lobak, Chao Siew Rice, Popiah)

After that, We went home.
Then when I had nothing to do at home,
I tried to online with my computer without any mouse at all.(You know how difficult it is to use)
About 5.30 we left for Matang.

When we reached there, I was shocked as the restaurant was already full so early.
After we ordered the food, the aunty took the food straight to us, so we, without thinking of anything else, you know right, munch munch munch!!!
And when the aunty realized she had served it wrongly, she came back to check whether it could be "saved", but it was too late as we had already "salvage" the fish~haha
So we waited for another hour and plus and got our food.

After Matang, my sister took me to Flemington to have some desserts.
But what was shocking was that Flemington didn't even serve a single ice-cream dish. WTH?!
Then never mind, I took a bowl of Mushroom Soup and my brother in-law drank a cup of coffee.
Then after that, we went to Kong Meng to have some dimsum.
We ordered a Chicken Feet, "Pai Kuat"(Thumbs Up for it!!! Delicious), "Lo Mai Kai", "Gai Pao" and "Char Siew Pao".

What a nice day I had...YUMMY!!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

9-9-2010 I want to watch that Movie!!!

"I want to watch that movie", says me.
The movie called, Resident Evil(After Life)

I want to watch....
I want!I want!I want!

But too bad cannot....

{Part 7} The Last Chapter

So, after having our BBQ dinner, we went in to play again(Haha)
They played a wrestling game with the PS2, and Dota with a Laptop and a Desktop.
I couldn't believe it, Cheng You's Ursa lost to Chong Teik's Butcher(lolz?)

Some of us also started to go home. Seong Chong's father asked each of us to take 1 packet of Keropok or Groundnut back...

Seong Chong's mother sent me back about 10.15.

I had a happy day and wish that Seong Chong's could hold another party again...^^

{Part 6} Cleaning Up

So after eating, we started to clean up the place.
But just before cleaning up, I ate some deserts, a Blueberry Cream Tart, 2 Watermelons and 3 pieces of Jelly.

So when I was cleaning up, I counted the cans of drinks I drank just now. Total: 5(I was like =="). So I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. So fun!!! LJJ even took the BB Gun to shoot the cans~lol

After cleaning up, we had somemore guests(Seong Chong's parent's friends).
Then we played with the Propeller with a light bulb. Supposed to be shoot into the sky and come spinning down. We had 3 but 3 spoiled. 1 went missing, 1 broke and another one's bulb went off.

So we went in and waited to go home.

To be continued...

{Part 5} At the BBQ

At about 8 o'clock, Seong Chong's father started the fire.
Suddenly, it was starting to drizzle, Oh! Hope it doesn't rain.

There were so much food on the table. Chicken, sausages, prawns, satays', sandwiches, fried rice and fried bee hoon.

So I went and take a sausage to be BBQ-ed. I didn't BBQ it and asked Eng Hean to help me. Then I took fried rice, sandwiches and the sausage. (1st round)

(2nd round)Chong Nan helped me BBQ my sausage. And I ate fried rice and sandwiches and satay again.

Then Cheng You came with pizzas and tarts.

(3rd round)Whatever food we took, we shared it on the table, so anyone who wants it can just take and eat. And Neoh even bite a piece of chicken and fresh blood came out of it. Haha...

To be continued...

{Part 4} Inside Seong Chong's house

When we went in Seong Chong's house, two of them took out their laptops and started playing Dota. Th rest of us was talking, wandering around and watching them play.

When Seong Chong's mum came back, she took out the PSP, PS2 and switch on the Desktop for us. So happy!!!^^

So I played the PS2 first, Dynasty Warriors 6. Then after a while, we played the game Crisis Zone. Then when nobody wanted to play the PSP, I played Dynasty Warriors 2, and my conclusion was: “貂蝉so geng, 大乔ok only。”

SO we played played played played until about when the BBQ was going to start(about 7.30), only we stopped and helped to prepare the things.

To be continued...