Friday, September 10, 2010

What a Eating day~

Phew!!! My sister came back to Taiping last night,
so she took me out today to eat around town.

For lunch, we went and look for her:
1. Chee Cheong Fun(Closed)
2. Popiah(Closed)
3. Ngau Lam(Closed)
SO, we ended up eating at:
4. Prima(Lobak, Chao Siew Rice, Popiah)

After that, We went home.
Then when I had nothing to do at home,
I tried to online with my computer without any mouse at all.(You know how difficult it is to use)
About 5.30 we left for Matang.

When we reached there, I was shocked as the restaurant was already full so early.
After we ordered the food, the aunty took the food straight to us, so we, without thinking of anything else, you know right, munch munch munch!!!
And when the aunty realized she had served it wrongly, she came back to check whether it could be "saved", but it was too late as we had already "salvage" the fish~haha
So we waited for another hour and plus and got our food.

After Matang, my sister took me to Flemington to have some desserts.
But what was shocking was that Flemington didn't even serve a single ice-cream dish. WTH?!
Then never mind, I took a bowl of Mushroom Soup and my brother in-law drank a cup of coffee.
Then after that, we went to Kong Meng to have some dimsum.
We ordered a Chicken Feet, "Pai Kuat"(Thumbs Up for it!!! Delicious), "Lo Mai Kai", "Gai Pao" and "Char Siew Pao".

What a nice day I had...YUMMY!!!!

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