Wednesday, September 8, 2010

{Part 2} At Sentral

OK... Now it's about Sentral...
We went there at first with 7 people..
then we met with another 5 at Mcdonald's...

3(Huang Jia Xiang, Neoh Chin Sim & Tan Kah Jin)said they were hungry, so they went and eat first while the other 9 of us went wandering around Sentral.

We went to the 2nd floor, look at the Cinema(saw Suet Ying & Chun Hao there), Skating Ring..Too expensive so we said no.. Then go down again round and round until we came back to Mcdonald again..

So we waited till 12.00p.m. and we bought our food... Everybody said: McChicken 1 set.
So we ended up with 9 Cola's, 9 French Fries and 9 McChicken Burgers)

After we ate and were about to leave and wait for our cars, we saw Ben and his mom buying food at the Mcdonald counter.

So we waited until about 1.00 before our cars came...

To be continued...

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