Thursday, September 9, 2010

{Part 6} Cleaning Up

So after eating, we started to clean up the place.
But just before cleaning up, I ate some deserts, a Blueberry Cream Tart, 2 Watermelons and 3 pieces of Jelly.

So when I was cleaning up, I counted the cans of drinks I drank just now. Total: 5(I was like =="). So I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. So fun!!! LJJ even took the BB Gun to shoot the cans~lol

After cleaning up, we had somemore guests(Seong Chong's parent's friends).
Then we played with the Propeller with a light bulb. Supposed to be shoot into the sky and come spinning down. We had 3 but 3 spoiled. 1 went missing, 1 broke and another one's bulb went off.

So we went in and waited to go home.

To be continued...

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