Thursday, September 9, 2010

{Part 3} At Seong Chong's house

When I reached Seong CHong's house(the others were already there), I was totally shocked. The gates were closed and nobody was at home, therefore many of them climbed over the fence to get into the house compound.

But when it was my turn to climb, Neoh suddenly opened the electronic gate(COOL~), so everyone could just go in and out of the house easily.

We were in the compound playing with the only laptop(Tan Kah Jin's), playing with handphones(because everyone of us had one, except for LJJ) and a few played with water hoses.

Lim Jia Jun was really idiotic. When he played with the water hoses, I, Chuah Chong Teik, Lok Wen Jie and Neoh didn't want to play and he keep wetting us(for those who don't know the real him, now you can see how stupid he is!!!)

So we had no choice but to hide behind the clothes rag, except for Neoh who hide inside it, and Chong Teik went and pull off the water hose and he was splashed by LJJ, WTH?!

We were really pissed up so we went out of the house(only the 4 of us, and LJJ's shirt was already wet, so he wanted to wet all of us). We walked around Taman Tasik Indah and then came back.

When we came back, they stopped playing with water, so each of us played with our own phones and the 1 and only laptop.

Until about 2.45 pm, then only Seong Chong's father came back and opened the door for us. Phew! What a relief!

To be continued...

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