Thursday, September 9, 2010

{Part 5} At the BBQ

At about 8 o'clock, Seong Chong's father started the fire.
Suddenly, it was starting to drizzle, Oh! Hope it doesn't rain.

There were so much food on the table. Chicken, sausages, prawns, satays', sandwiches, fried rice and fried bee hoon.

So I went and take a sausage to be BBQ-ed. I didn't BBQ it and asked Eng Hean to help me. Then I took fried rice, sandwiches and the sausage. (1st round)

(2nd round)Chong Nan helped me BBQ my sausage. And I ate fried rice and sandwiches and satay again.

Then Cheng You came with pizzas and tarts.

(3rd round)Whatever food we took, we shared it on the table, so anyone who wants it can just take and eat. And Neoh even bite a piece of chicken and fresh blood came out of it. Haha...

To be continued...

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