Friday, August 27, 2010

Halor.... Stop dipergunakan oleh orang lain

OKL ar OKL....
You know how many times have you been used by other people...
People use you as a Tank to finish all their projects(especially Sivik)

This is the second time already, 1st was last year, 2nd is now!!!
After you have done all of these, what do you get in return?! NOTHING!!!
And that stupid Pengerusi of yours expect you to finish all the work, and he said this sentence which you should remember!!: "Actually ar, I am the Pengerusi, i nonid cum for the meeting also ok 1, coz i dunnid do work at all de..."

Remember him!!
After we have done all these, what does he want, instead of 1 bottle, he asked for 2 bottles of C2,

I have done all the work and I still need to belanja him!!!
I am totally pissed up with him...!!


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